What’s behind the Gr8bag?

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Our story? Very natural

We are a Lithuanian based startup team that is excited about solving problems related with

daily life & travel.

Here our aim is to create a possibility for people around the world to fulfill their needs in items management. That is why

we specialize in backpacks and other similar accessories.

Our Products?

Reliable & Gorgeous!

Long lasting items –  that is not even a question!

That is why our team only choose carefully manufactured and meticulously built products.

Exceptional designs – we got it!

Our designers scouts around the world to present you with latest hits & spectacular designs that are ready to amaze!


Our mission?

Convenience & Positivity!

Hold your items carelessly, enjoy your moments with delight, express Yourself by stunning accessories- this is what or team is trying to achieve! 

Do not forget to share good emotions with your loved ones –

turn on the imagination and find the best accessories of the best!